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Handcrafted with Love

Specializing in boho, afrocentric, and conventional style jewelry using beautiful healing precious stones, crystals. wood and various types of beads. Serolod Designs is the go to for trendy accessories for men, women, professionals, and bridal parties

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Where Artistry Meets Elegance

At Serolod Design LLC, we don't just create jewelry; we craft wearable art. Our founder, Delores McClain, pours her heart and soul into every piece she designs. With a passion for creativity and a deep connection to her roots, Delores specializes in a wide range of jewelry styles that will leave you breathless.

What We Offer

Serolod Design LLC is your go-to destination for jewelry that tells a story. Whether you're seeking boho, afrocentric, or conventional style jewelry, we craft each piece with care, using beautiful healing precious stones, crystals, wood, and various types of beads. Each creation is a testament to artistry and culture, making it a work of wearable art.


We look forward to being a part of your style journey.

Join us on a journey of self-expression and adornment, where every piece is handcrafted with love. Serolod Design LLC is more than just jewelry; it's an experience, an expression of your unique style.

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